Standard Chartered Bank

My Majlis


Standard Chartered Bank wanted to promote their credit card benefits during the month of Ramadan.

Rather than feeding people the same old clichés, we cut through the clutter of Ramadan advertising by tapping into the social aspect of the season. We chose to engage – not advertise.

My Majlis is the world’s first game that brings the ‘Majlis’ or Ramadan tent experience to life. The game mirrors the real world ‘Majlis’ experience, bringing family and friends together virtually to relax and socialize. Fans create their own ‘Majlis’ or tent, purchase furniture, decorate and invite guests to visit, all using Standard Chartered credit cards. The most popular ‘Majlis’ rated by guests wins ‘Majlis’ experiences in real life.

In just 4 weeks, more than 15,277 fans played My Majlis, on average spending over 7 minutes per visit playing the game. The most popular ‘Majlis’ (with an impressive 2,006 guests) took home the big Eid getaway weekend prize! Not only did consumers share a social experience that was relevant to them, they also learned about the benefits of Standard Chartered cards through gameplay. In just a few weeks, Standard Chartered went from being just another bank to becoming the most socially engaged bank in the United Arab Emirates, with clear product benefits.