What’s your Flavor?


Chili’s was launching their star dish – crispy honey-chipotle chicken crispers and wanted to engage a teenage audience online. To create interest around the dish, we launched what’s your flavor – a personality test based microsite where users could find out if they were hot, sweet or balanced.

Users could get a fun personality reading and in the process learn everything about the unique flavor combo of the dish and win an ecoupon for dessert if they shared this with friends. To appeal to a teen sense of humor, we created webisodes featuring Crisper the hero, his girlfriend Ketchup, his best friend French Fry as well as evil Chioptle and sweet honey.

Users watched fun webisodes and selected an ending from options provided for each one, advised by Chipotle and Honey. Choosing Chipotle’s recommendation increased your spice levels and choosing honey increased your sweetness levels. At the end of the test results were calculated and users were graded as hot, sweet or balanced, and given a badge they could post to their blog, site, Facebook page etc.

Fun virals featuring the characters in outtakes, interactive web banners, instore collateral, social media pages for the characters and dynamic screensavers combined with the promotion successfully activated the teen audience for this promotion.