Every year Chili’s brings back its classic menu, Chili’s favorites from over the years. A blast from the past as it were. We needed to create awareness around the special menu.
To get people in the door and try it during the specials period we needed an emotional hook, and with a miniscule budget we needed our users to turn into advertisers.

What if we could tap into people’s sense of nostalgia, help them share the nostalgia and spread awareness about Chili’s Classics while doing it? We found that Facebook users would post a lot of trivia on everything from music to sport if they felt it reflected their personality.

Defend Your Classics is a microsite that lets users take a walk through memory lane and defend their favorite musical era by voting for their ‘classic’ and then posting the trivia to Facebook. They could also highlight any piece of trivia within the era as their favorite and comment on why they loved it. Every era paired up with a Chii’s Classic menu trivia as well.

The result? Each time a user posted classic trivia to Facebook, their blog, on Twitter or other social media platforms, Chili’s classics got featured. What’s more we were able to collect trending data on user voted classic on the site and use the content on radio and for PR to create a buz around the classics menu.