Taste the Southwest


Chili’s was launching its special Southwest menu for a limited period of time.

We needed to create noise around the new menu and get the Chili’s family and teen audience in the door, asking to taste the new flavors. Taste the Southwest is a campaign that helped the Middle Eastern audience get excited about new exotic flavors. We roped in 2 virtual singing cowboys to literally sing praise, country style to real Texan food! Users could visit the microsite, browse and get familiar with the menu, choose a Southwest meal and invite their family or friends to share it with them at Chili’s.

Not only did recipients get a personalized country song inviting them by name to share the meal selected, on accepting, the sender automatically received an ecoupon rewarding them with a free dessert! By crafting a fun invite we recruited 2 customers for every single user engaged. We also increased the opportunity for awareness by also allowing users to post their invite on a friend’s Facebook wall or send a link via Twitter. We’re happy to report that the Arabic version of the site with the Arabic country style singing proved to be a great hit!

Instore posters, web banners, social media were used to drive traffic to the site.