As part of AC Delco’s integrated brand campaign we needed to reach and engage consumers online for a traditionally low-involvement brand and category. Consumers perceived AC Delco to be the ‘battery’ company. The ‘YES’ brand campaign was launched to clear this misconception and make consumers aware that Yes, AC Delco handles all quality parts, all cars and all models!

While other channels tackled consumers misconceptions from a product and service perspective, online we had to find a way of translating the ‘YES’ service culture into an experience. The YES microsite and widget allowed users to experience for themselves how personalized AC Delco’s service culture really is. What’s more we had to keep the tone-of-voice fun and engaging while doing this.

On the microsite, users could type in any message they want and watch AC Delco mechanics acting as human alphabets ‘type dance’ their message for them. They could then share the message with friends, in turn spreading the AC Delco ‘YES’ values.

Users could also download an interactive screensaver which they could custom set to any message they wanted with the AC Delco mechanics performing the message of their choice. This literally meant having the AC Delco mechanics virtually service your every keyboard command 24/7 personifying AC Delco’s service values.

AC delco mechanic music video virals, online advertising and 360 communication helped drive traffic to the widget.