Maxwell House Trio

Trio Office Party


With the launch of it’s newest coffee, Maxwell House needed to foster brand engagement and create on-demand trials using social media.
On a limited budget, we needed to get office workers in Dubai to forget their old favorite and demand a sample of Maxwell House Trio.

Our insight? Office workers were feeling the bite of the recession. We needed to connect with staff, and bring office fun back with something new and different.

We decided to bring the fun back with the Trio Time Office Party. Print ads showed that Trio understood office life, and had a solution: to book your Trio time. Employees signed up online to book their parties, and Team Trio, armed with goodies, games, balloons, prizes and lots of Trio samples, brought the fun. People shared the good times online via Facebook and Twitter. And the first ever on-demand product sampling campaign in the Middle East using social media was born.

The Trio Time Office Party let people get to know Trio, and have fun at the same time. Over the 5 week campaign, Maxwell House brought over 150 parties to offices throughout Dubai – with over 3,000 people sampling the taste of Trio.