Talking Buddy


Fanta wanted to use their popular characters Jason, Tristan, Kimmy and Merve to engage a tween audience. Since these characters all have their unique personalities and fans we created a Fanta talking buddy egreeting that the target audience could use to send each other messages. Essentially, the Fanta characters become the user’s own personal crew. Each character had its own voice and delivered personalized messages that users typed in.

The characters also delivered these messages as part of animated music videos. Users were able to select the song they wanted from a set of options, the character they wanted and enter any message they liked. Each variation would dynamically produce a different animation and message with the character of their choice.

By creating many variations and allowing complete personalization, we created an entertaining sticky site that appealed to the tween audience looking to send each other fun stuff on Facebook, via e-mail, twitter, my space etc.