Panadol Actifast

Tag your moment


With Panadol Actifast, you’ll never miss a moment. The brand promises quick relief so you can enjoy fun, crazy, important or even trivial moments in your life to the fullest.
How can Actifast engage a potentially uninterested digital consumer with this message? Minus big budgets or tactical activity? By tapping into popular digital culture, ergo - the Facebook culture.

Facebook users share every moment of their lives with friends and family, as it happens. All we needed to do was find a natural fit for the brand within people’s Facebook routines. Tagging. This popular Facebook activity jumped out at us. People love tagging photos with names of friends and family anyway. What if Panadol could make tagging more fun, help make moments extra special?

Tag your moment is a branded application that users can access via Facebook or a microsite. They choose their Facebook photos and tag them with fun icons, comments, animations and music creating mini animated stories around their moments. These branded moments are then shared with friends and family on Facebook, blogs, twitter etc. Naturally, poking fun at friends and commenting on family moments is bound to evoke a response. We instantly engaged more users. We drew more comments on the tagged photos and many used the application to respond in turn.

Actifast translated its brand promise of enjoying moments into an experience effortlessly. By simply tuning into existing popular user behavior on a social platform and enhancing an activity that users already enjoyed, the brand created advertising within the right context for the right audience, and benefited from a halo effect.

POS material, web banners, Facebook groups and Twitter were used to create awareness for this under-the-radar branded application.